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The Fox Lake Fire Protection District

proudly protects 30,000 people living in an area of 45 square miles. We operate out of four stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are a combination of paid and volunteer status. Founded in 1908, the Fox Lake Fire Department is very dynamic. The Fox Lake Fire Department proudly serves all or part of the following communities in Northeastern Illinois: The Village of Fox Lake, The Village of Round Lake, McHenry, Ingleside, Lakemoor, Spring Grove, Volo and Grant, Burton and Antioch Townships.

The Fox Lake Fire Department is very active in the community,and personnel participate in many functions throughout all the villages and townships. From attending block parties to teaching CPR and First Aid, the crews are always busy in the community. All members of the fire department are highly trained in all aspects of firefighting and emergency medical services. Every member must attend several mandatory trainings each year in order to remain current on their certifications. The men and women of the Fox Lake Fire Department are very dedicated to providing the highest quality fire and EMS service around.

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  • Linda Walleck
  • Fred Loffredo
  • Mike Kikos

  • Fire Chief

  • Ron Hoehne

    For General Questions Contact:

  • Alexis Plichta or
  • B/C Ed Lescher (Gold)
  • Phone-(847)587-3312
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  • To Become a Member Contact:

  • B/C Tom Preidis (Black)
  • Phone- (847) 587-3312
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